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Summertime Peonies


July 8th - September 8th

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Summertime Peonies

 2019 Harvest

All Peonies are only $3.50 per stem.

Fedex Priority Overnight Shipping Included !

Delivering July, August and September

We will be harvesting 25,000 stems this year.

July 1st signals the start of harvest and continues for 3 weeks.

Shipping begins the first week of July and continues into September.

Reserve your color choices now for assured availability.


Mons Jules Elie

   Our Flagship flower here at Summertime Peonies.

   Stunning shades of pinks, with silver tips that lighten as the bloom matures. Set on top of tall, thick stems are the hallmark of the Mons Jules Elie.

   An elegant scent of roses and ivory adds to their beauty and makes them the perfect flower for vases, bouquets, weddings, and any occasion where you want the flowers to be noticed and admired.

  Mons jules Elie are very hardy and ship, store well. very resistant to bruising or wilting.

   To our knowledge, we are the only producers of the Mons Jules Elie this time of year in quantity.

    Approximately 8000 stems available.


Duchess de Nemours

   The standard by which all other peonies are judged.

   The beautiful white outer petals surrounding ivory and warm yellows has made this the number one peony for brides for the last 150 years.

  Exquisite in hand bouquets, the Duchess also excels at table vases and arrangements with its characteristic clean, ivory scent and timeless class.

  Always in demand and usually the most expensive of peonies. These will go first and run out fast.

   Approximately 7000 stems available.


Sarah Bearnhardt

   Since its introduction in 1906, this peony has been the perfect commercial peony.

  Gorgeous double blooms of soft pinks and lavenders on strong stems. Coupled with scents of rose, vigorous growth,  production and hardy flowers has made this the best selling commercial peony for over 100 years.

  Excellent vase life from this hardy flower can be up to two weeks. Large, 8 to 10" blooms can be expected and soft scents of roses will fill the room .

  The best handling and shipable flower of all peonies. very resistant to bruising, failing to open or wilting.

   approximately 10000 stems available.


Here at the farm

      We strive to achieve a balance here at Summertime Peonies. A balance of give and take. We expect a lot from our plants. To grow three feet in just six weeks and produce a couple dozen blooms per plant, per year.

   To achieve this miracle of growth and production requires a lot of sun, constant composting and regeneration of soils. Aqua ponic live watering and feeding of the plants. A long term , naturally sustainable system.

    To give back we give each plant immense personal attention. A natural approach to organic soil, constant feeding and living water. Raising free range animals who help keep the weeds down and 20 hours of sunlight doesn't hurt either.




   A great source of information on the trends of the floral industry through the website and the ASCFG quarterly magazine.


Alaska Grown_color.png

Alaska Grown

    North Pole, Alaska is where we live and  grow our peonies. An important factor when ordering your flowers. This promotes American jobs in an American industry and economy. Made in the U.S.A.

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Women's  Business Enterprises

   Proud member of the Women's Business Enterprise. I am a very proud women's business owner and gladly back the WBENC.