The idea of Summertime Peonies started back in 2012. A down home approach to sustainable, organically based floral farming. With an emphasis on nurturing nature to produce the best Peonies in Alaska. By encouraging natural fertilization, live water feeding and sustainable weeding and pest controls, we can sustain better production from fewer plants.

    We accomplish this by using a complete life cycle for the plants,soil, water and animals that inhabit our farm. At any one time we have at least 40 free range animals, eating weeds, chasing each other around and generally getting in the way. Chickens, rabbits, turkeys, geese, lambs, a dog and 100 or so gold fish in the pond. 

  The weeds that pop up continuously, are continuously either eaten by chickens and rabbits, or turned back into the soil by hand. The soil is turned and aerated, the plant matter is returned to compost and this keeps a healthy, live soil full of organics and healthy bacteria. It goes the same with the water. We use the goldfish to achieve an Aqua Ponics watering system. This provides living water, full of nutrients, good bacteria and fertilization for all the plants.Naturally.

   So far it has been working well. We are proud of the consistent health, size and production of our plants. The flowers are big and healthy blooms. Our animals are free range, happy pets. That just happen to be delicious as well. Continuing the cycle of life so that we can grow more flowers that need more chickens to tend to them.

  Please take the time to browse our site, galleries, and of course, please buy some flowers.

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